Sunday, May 17, 2015

7 Years

The first anniversary we stayed at the Valley Ho after a dinner at Lon’s at The Hermosa.

For our 3rd anniversary (and 1st as parents), we went to the Havana Café while Tom and Debb watched our almost 1 month old (and we never have lived down the stories of her crying the entire time we were out).

On our 5th anniversary, we had a less than 2 week-old baby and a 2 year old. I’m pretty sure we celebrated at home.

The seventh year we celebrated a day early with your extended family at an Italian family restaurant that was kid friendly. It was a lovely evening.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

To My Second Born, Happy Birthday Bubs

Late in the evening on Wednesday, I downloaded the Time Hop app with the intention of posting a photo from your actual birth day, but I was exhausted, flopped onto our bed in my clothes, and fell asleep that way. Daddy and I worked that day and then started barbequing drumsticks (one of your favorite foods) later than ideal. Your party (celebrated with Grandma J, Grandpa A, mama, daddy, and Sisi…your name for your sister) ran later into the evening, and we were all exhausted. So much so that you and Sisi slept in the next morning until after 9. (And mama might have overslept her alarm and gotten ready in record time).

Your Actual Birthday, with Ice Cream and Candles. You Guard your Ice Cream Fiercely.