Thursday, February 26, 2015

In Search of the Missing...(Fill in the Blank)

Since I'm off from work today, I had planned to take the kiddos to preschool, come home, and hop back into bed. While getting to bed early has never been my strong point, I've been up a little later than normal lately. The idea of snuggling up under the covers when it's freezing cold outside sounded so luxurious and heavenly. Especially on a weekday. I came home, made a few work calls, and then knew that I couldn't avoid it any longer.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

(Late Night Shenanigans) ... What Happens While Filling out Early Childhood Screening Forms

I still can’t believe that our daughter is 3 years and 11 months old. How did that happen?! And, later today (because yes, I’m burning way past the midnight oil), we have her early childhood screening.

Like any good mom, I’m filling the forms out, er…an hour ago.

I think that early childhood screenings are great and understand their importance for helping children to receive early interventions that will help them to succeed. I know something existed like these when I was little, but I think it was closer to kindergarten (or at least I know I remember it). I doubt that they went into as much depth, and some of that depth is necessary.


I have a few issues. 

Well, yes, my own issues. But, here I'm referring to issues with questions on these forms.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Managing Anxiety. Or Attempting. Part 1.

I've missed my blog, but even more, I've missed having the time to blog. Learning a new job, new city, navigating that new city and surrounding cities, settling kiddos into a new preschool, moving 2 times in 3 months...these are all good problems to have, but they definitely take time for adjustment. I've thought of so many things that I'd like to blog, but I went from working 3 12 hour shifts/week (usually more like 5 12 hour shifts every 2 weeks because I often had the luxury of asking for low work load, aka a bonus day off when our unit was overstaffed) to working 5 days a week for a month which then shifted to 4 days a week. The biggest change is that I went from being able to "leave" work at the hospital (except for when I would mentally process my day on the way home or in the shower and remember something I forgot to do, which I then could call a coworker and know that whatever I forgot to do was on another person's to do list) to bringing work home. Eventually I will ideally get most of my work finished between 8 am and 5 pm. That's the plan. For now, not so much. But, I'm working on staying afloat.