Thursday, May 15, 2014


In April, I kept thinking that May was going to be a month of change. I was going to Set Goals! (probably too many) and Establish Routines! No pressure. Then I realized a week in that May was happening, and I had forgotten about my grand plans. Whoops. Life in between the piles...

8 minutes after midnight
After I wrote this post, I made it to bed after midnight. Unlike how I sometimes respond when I've made a plan and fall short, I decided to challenge myself and aim to go to bed earlier the next night. Even if only by a few minutes. I met that goal (woot woot!) last night. So silly that a little goal like that makes me smile, but hey, life's more joyful when joy is found in the little things.
23 hours 36 minutes later

Then I realized that I had left some goals off of my list. (Because really, can you have too many goals & make too many changes in a month?) Why, no.

Here's my full list...(until I realize that I forgot to include something):

1. Go to bed earlier (before midnight, at the least)

2. Drink more water - I've been having throat issues and cramping legs which I'm thinking just possibly could be because I don't drink enough water. Especially since I live in the desert. It's at least worth a try. Bottoms up.

3. Exercise on my days off - I've been dormant for way. too. long. I had back problems last fall, and I've been nervous to start working out again...the last time I went for a run, I aggravated my back again...just maybe because I was neglecting my home exercise routine created by a physical therapist to help strengthen my core. Maybe. Since that run, I've somehow stopped attempting to exercise at all. Yes, I've been better about doing at least one back exercise a day, but I think I need to up the ante. Just a little bit. My goal is to walk on my days off (ideally) and/or do a little Wii Fit, and my core strengthening. Yesterday I managed to do a few core exercises, a little Wii boxing, and walk. Today I worked. Tomorrow I work. I'll attack again on Saturday.

4. Write more! - most bloggers will tell any new blogger that she should do one thing. Write. Often. (and then some more). I have a lot of posts just waiting for my hands to tap on the keyboard. It's making the time and committing to it. Since my initial goal with this blog was to: 1. Unpile 2. Reward with blogging time, that means more pile deconstruction = more blogging. It also means it takes a little more time to post than if I didn't have to first deconstruct. On my days off, I get a break (from deconstruction on the home front, that is). I get to skip to the blogging part. And, here I am! Most work days I don't manage to have time to blog, so on those days (or on Demolition days with a capital D), I'm going to set a little goal of posting a glimpse into my day. A reminder to me of a moment from that 24 hour period.

Although it wasn't my initial plan, the timing is perfect. I started my 30 days on May 14th. The end? The last day of my 36th year.
Sounds like a great way to spend a month.

The background for my phone is from I sometimes can use a little reminder to be gentler to myself & to tell my negative inner voice that if it doesn't have any nice things to say it should just be quiet.

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