Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pinch Me! This Post was Written by Diana Stone!!!

Today is super special. Diana Stone (of Diana Wrote) wrote this post for me! Gah!!!

Diana's blog was my first blog crush. I had read friends' blogs but hadn't "followed" a blog of a stranger. Let's just say I was new to the world of blogging. Diana also was the main inspiration for my starting this blog. So when she said she'd write this post for me? Let's just say I was a bit excited.

When Karl and I officially decided we were going to move, I turned to Diana's blog to seek out expert packing advice. (One of her gifts is keeping a tidy & clean house and being amazingly organized. My piles could use her help!) I searched her blog but couldn't find any posts that unlocked the secrets to successful packing and moving...so I decided to email her asking if she'd possibly consider writing about this topic, and maybe, perhaps, she'd be willing to write it for me to post on my blog...

Without further ado, here are packing tips from Diana Stone! (And huge thanks to her for her tips and for writing a post for my little blog!)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Saying Goodbyes

I only have five shifts left at the only hospital where I've been a certified nursing assistant then a patient care technician and finally a registered nurse.

It was all a dream 7 years ago.

I was working in Washington state as a development associate (aka fundraiser) when I realized that I needed to do something else.

In high school, I wrote my first research paper on the destruction of rain forests in the Amazon.

That was it.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Two Months from Now

As much as I really, really, really work to live in the now (mindfulness...not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future), I'll be honest. I'm a worrier/dreamer about the future. This future is a new future. In a new state. Searching for the first house that I will have ever owned. It's exciting and frightening all wrapped into one.