Monday, June 16, 2014

Sick Day and Other News...

I've got the crud, so I'm home sick today. The kiddos are at preschool, and after I write this post, I'm taking a nap. Despite my best efforts during my #30daysIBTP, I got an F in going to bed early. My exercising has been a little better (as long as Wii Fit boxing counts!). I've been drinking more water (especially now that we have a water cooler at work!), but everything has finally caught up with me; my immunity is on strike.

It's strange how revolutionary and frivolous it feels to know that I'm only going to be taking care of myself today (until I pick up the kiddos). With all of the busy-ness of these last few months, I've not had much downtime.

But before I take a nap, I wanted to share some big news.

When I started this blog, one of my motivations was to stay "connected" to friends across the country, especially with a move planned for 2014.

To a bigger house.

In a different city.

In a different state.

As far as moves go, I like to do the extreme. Like moving from one of the rainiest, most overcast cities to one of the driest, sunniest cities.

This time I decided to take it up a few notches...maybe move from the hottest to the coldest metropolitan area in the US. Why not, right?

In a few weeks (gulp), we are going to pack up our family of four, our dog, our two kitties, and make the trip from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to the Twin Cities.

We still have a list of Things to Do! on our house renovations and a lot of boxes to pack. I've started exploring job opportunities and would love to find one that allows me to have time to work on my masters & potentially focus on my blog a little more (part-time that pays well? Yes, please!). I can dream, right? ;-)

If I think too much about all that needs to be accomplished, my head starts to spin...or I get the crud.

Today's To Do List is to rest because we've got a busy few months ahead of us.
Moving day (TBA) will be here before we know it.
Ready or not.

And, you are cordially invited to join us vicariously for all of the fun & adventure that awaits us...

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