Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Nightlife (Working Mama Style) #30daysIBTP

Today's (this week's) highlights...

I got to meet a professional football player while he was committing a(n) (un)random act of kindness. Warmed my heart & gave me goosebumps.

Miss S has an imaginary friend - Anna (pronounced AHHna). She's small enough to fit in Miss S's hand, but isn't little. According to Miss S, she's big. Grandma even gave Anna kisses and hugs at bedtime.

Mr. C is 13 months. Today. How did that happen?? Even though I'm sometimes thankful that time moves quickly, I wish it would slow down for my kiddos. I can't believe he's 13 months! He isn't walking yet but is saying words and pointing (da for dog, mama, dada, nana for grandma) and moved up to the Twaddler classroom (where he sits at a little table in a little chair & sleeps on a cot. How cute is that?!)

I had a busy but good day at work & am enjoying my new short do. Plus, I got to bed before 11 pm last night. It felt great.

Who needs more excitement than that, right?

Good night, y'all. Have a wonderful weekend!

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