Monday, January 9, 2017

16 Years, 6 Months, 6 Days

This morning I found you asleep for the final time. You were still purring when I said a final goodnight. Yesterday you showed me you were done. If you made it to this morning, I was going to take you to the vet. But, you went on your own terms.

Karl’s favorite memory of you will always be coming around the side of the house and seeing you hanging on to the edge of the bathroom window with your back paws scraping frantically for a hold on the stucco.

My mom’s favorite memory is of how sweet you were and kept her company after her eye surgery when she recuperated in the “Cats’ room” at our house in Scottsdale.

You were a cuddler, a climber, and an escape artist. If you could get to a higher perch, you wanted to be there. If there was another door leading closer to outside, you had to be there scratching and meowing for a release.

You moved with me six times and were the only pet I’ve named by myself (partially inspired by a band that will not be named here and a Tori Amos song).

Your eyes were the prettiest green.

Opito, Joopitr, Jupiter.

Our solar system is lonelier without you.

You were loved and will be missed dearly.

3 July 2000 - 9 January 2017