Friday, August 22, 2014


I was having a rough morning.

The Mean Girl resident in the penthouse was beating up on me. All. Morning. Long.

I’m talking mean - "You're a bad mama. You can't handle any bumps in the road. Anyone else would be just fine transitioning with this move. You’re overwhelmed because you aren’t strong enough. You’re not a positive person & never will be. Just get over it." and on and on and on.


I finally pulled myself and the kiddos and the dog out of the house. Mr. C was strapped on my front. Miss S was walking alongside me. Mars was leading the show.

Our destination was White Bear Lake. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Snippets: 1st Minnesota Post

We arrived in Minnesota on Sunday, August 3rd – exactly a week after we planned to leave Arizona. Our departure was delayed, but I believe that we left at exactly the right time for us. En route we decided to take 4 days instead of 3 (or our normal drive straight through 30 hours). I’m still attempting to process the last three weeks of our lives. My last day of work was 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Wow.

Since I’ve not yet been able to solidify my thoughts into words, I decided to write a quick “hi” to everyone. Thank you to all of you who helped us with our move – whether it was packing the truck, helping with the kiddos, coming to happy hour, praying for our journey, riding/driving with us, and/or unloading the truck – we truly could not have made it without your help.