Friday, August 8, 2014

Snippets: 1st Minnesota Post

We arrived in Minnesota on Sunday, August 3rd – exactly a week after we planned to leave Arizona. Our departure was delayed, but I believe that we left at exactly the right time for us. En route we decided to take 4 days instead of 3 (or our normal drive straight through 30 hours). I’m still attempting to process the last three weeks of our lives. My last day of work was 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Wow.

Since I’ve not yet been able to solidify my thoughts into words, I decided to write a quick “hi” to everyone. Thank you to all of you who helped us with our move – whether it was packing the truck, helping with the kiddos, coming to happy hour, praying for our journey, riding/driving with us, and/or unloading the truck – we truly could not have made it without your help.

So far, Minnesota has introduced Miss S to a new love – puzzles. She can’t get enough of (what I’ve learned are called) framed jigsaw puzzles (25 pieces). She watched a little bit of PBS this morning, and then she immediately started with the puzzles. I helped her with them the night before, but now she’s kept herself entertained with them for hours (without help). It’s so fun to see! I ordered a few more for her on ebay because I couldn’t find these puzzles in any store (but we have limited resources since we’re visiting in Northern Minnesota). Since leaving Arizona, Miss S has been fully potty-trained. She still wears pull ups at night, but so far, they’ve been dry (which is especially awesome with all of the transitions.) Even the little things make me realize how much she’s growing; now she can climb stairs one foot per step.

After leaving Arizona, Mr. C had a 3rd tooth push through and now has a total of 2+ teeth (2 bottoms and ¼ of two top teeth). He has been enjoying “reading.” It’s adorable. Even though he could choose to walk, he’s delaying. He can stand by himself and has taken 2 steps without assistance, but for now, crawling and cruising are his forms of transportation. He’s also an eating machine. Who needs teeth to eat? Definitely not this guy!

Right now I’m sitting at the kitchen table at my in-laws’ cabin. Cousins stopped by (not for a dinner – just to “stop by;” that concept was foreign to me in Scottsdale), and I’m enjoying hearing them talk about days gone by. Miss S is playing make-believe while working on puzzles, and Mr. C is tucked in for the night.

I’m working on feeling less on edge but know that will take time. I hope all of you are doing well, and thank you too to all of you who told me, “Keep writing! I love reading your blog!” You don’t know how much that warmed my heart.



  1. Great post Kristin. We were all wondering yesterday at work how you are. New chapter in your book of life. The kidos look great. We are all on you team from afar. Love and Hugs, Deb