Wednesday, August 10, 2016

One Step, Two Steps

I normally write when I’m down or ugly angry or have had a bad day. While it’s been a day of many emotions, it’s overall been a good day. Lately, the good have outweighed the bad which, in turn, is helping the good moments to come more often.

I have a new nurse practitioner psychiatrist who is wonderful. I’m so thankful that she happened to relocate to a clinic near my work since the previous one is over an hour drive away. Besides the two clinicians working in an office specialized that ante and postpartum periods, she’s the first who has said that I have postpartum depression/anxiety.

Some of you may wonder why that matters. I was pretty sure I was struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety after both Miss S and Mr. C were born. But, I’m not a nurse practitioner or doctor. Nurses can’t diagnose (even though most of the time we are right with our hunches). Without having a diagnosing medical professional say that I was experiencing postpartum mood disorders, it was just my “thinking” that my symptoms matched.