Friday, November 20, 2015

Prodromal Labor

I've learned a new concept over the last 48 hours. Prodromal labor. Haven't heard of it? I hadn't either. Honestly, it's a fancy way of saying false labor. Maybe it helps those of us experiencing it feel a little better than just being told what we're experiencing is false. Instead, I can intelligently state, "It's prodromal labor." It sounds so much more sophisticated, doesn’t it? Bottom line, it's the same thing…contractions which lead nowhere despite making a mama think the time is near. For all of my pregnancies, I've been ok with going full term. I didn't make it with Miss S, and then with Mr. C, I went 3 days past. (I still plan to post his birth story at some point). I shouldn’t complain because my pregnancies have only been speckled with mildly annoying but tolerable symptoms (heart burn, occasional back pain, inner thigh pain this pregnancy, painful joints intermittently) which is nothing compared to a lot of pregnant mamas.

Monday, November 9, 2015

37 Weeks (and a belly photo)

The weather has been incredible this fall. I went for a walk today on my lunch break and didn’t need to wear a jacket. It was amazing! I was hoping to get a nice preggo belly shadow shot, but the sunlight wasn’t at the right angle. I’ll check in with my OB tomorrow, but as of last week, I was 1 cm dilated…which is the same as with my other pregnancies at 36 weeks. I’m so glad that I kept relatively good notes on each of my pregnancies (even though my plan with each was to journal more than I did). It’s been helpful to look back and compare notes. Of course, with Miss S, my note keeping (for my pregnancy) ended with her arrival at 36 weeks exactly. We’ve passed that date (and my final progesterone shot!) and are aiming for the baby’s arrival during my primary OBs next rotation, which is conveniently the 6 days leading up to and including my due date.