Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ebb and Flow

I've had a hard time taking a break to blog lately because the piles keep coming.

We are making progress. Really. Pretty soon I'll even show you some pictures. We decided on flooring for the kitchen and bathroom today. (Yay! Yay! Confetti is thrown in the air!) The flooring is really pretty. We aren't going to want to put our house on the market when we're finished...Here's a sneak peak into the tile we chose for our bathroom (linen) and for our kitchen.

In between the piles, we've celebrated Mr. C's 1st birthday (HOW.IS.THAT.POSSIBLE???!!). I am wanting to write the second part of his birth story, a post about his birthday...oh right, and write about Miss S's 3rd birthday. So many posts, and so. little. time.

Every day I think about posts that I want to write. I'm thinking about giving myself a challenge where I either write a post or post a photo each day for a month. Get my creative energy flowing.

I also want to get to bed earlier & exercise more.

And stay up with my piles.

How'd I do today?
Blog post - check
Piles - kitchen counters cleaned (I'll count that as a check)
Exercise - not so much
Bed earlier - does before midnight count? (My original goal was to get to bed by 11 at the latest, so I could get up bright and early for a walk. So much for that...)

With all of that said, I'm really working to take one moment at a time. It's so much easier in thought than in implementation.

For now, my moment is blogging. My next moment will be shower. Then bed. With the goal of making that last moment before midnight.

How do you keep things in balance? Anyone up for a 30 day challenge with me?

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