Sunday, December 8, 2013

First Post...Dipping My Toe into the Water

I've been toying with starting a blog for awhile but couldn't decide on a great blog name that wasn't already taken. One of my internet searches today was about getting organized, and then a blog was born. Whether it's laundry or papers or old mail or clothes to be donated or dishes to be loaded, my husband and I are pro pilers. Some are more organized than others. The piles sit for now while I work up the motivation to do something with them. Oh right, and while I decide to start a blog...because that most definitely will help me to get more organized!

The first blog title that I searched today was “One of these days," but it was already taken. Probably for the best.

I’m having a one of those kinds of days. My almost three year old didn’t nap. We battled it out for awhile, then I put myself in time out in my bedroom. I finally surfaced, not totally willingly.

My sinuses have been giving me a hard time for over a week. I called in sick last Monday, worked Tuesday (during which I lost my voice), and my voice hasn’t come back full strength yet.

I want to get organized but don’t know how to start! I feel like we just need to toss a bunch of things (well, donate), but it’s overwhelming to even think about. So instead I search the internet for blog names and search for things including:

2 year old fighting nap
2 year old temper tantrums
7 month old gagging on cereal
7 month old vomiting after eating cereal
7 month old who hits his own head with his hand
7 month old who kind of sits up but not 100%

And then I wonder if I’m developmentally hindering the 7 month old because he still sleeps in mom and dad’s bed and doesn’t take naps on any sort of schedule.

Then my brain self-implodes, I remember that all of these issues are 1st world problems, and I realize that these are nice problems compared to what many others are facing. Back to the piles for now...

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