Thursday, December 19, 2013

Six Years Ago Today, I Said Yes

It was far from the engagement that goes viral. 

It won't be liked and shared on Facebook.

It will never be posted on YouTube to be watched over 29 million times (not kidding. That engagement exists).

 Regardless, the end goal was the same. I said yes, he placed the ring on my finger, and we were beyond excited to be planning our future together. 

I don't know if I ever found out what Karl had originally planned. He had decided that December 19th would be the date (four months after we met in person for the first time), and the proposal happened...but the story itself was beyond anything that you probably expect to read. It was simple (probably one of the reasons that this article made me teary). 

I had no idea that December 19th was going to be "the" day. I invited Karl to go with me to my three-year-old nephew's Christmas program. The Christmas program evolved into going to the Olive Garden for dinner with my sister's family and her in-laws. 

Karl never let on that his plans were being sidetracked. 


Karl and I had talked about our future together, and we planned on getting married. 

I knew that I wanted my grandmother's engagement ring as my own (it had already witnessed 54 years of marriage). The ring fit me perfectly. I loved that it was from the 30s and had an aquamarine. (I'm not a diamond-type of girl). The ring just made sense - it wasn't expensive or flashy. It was simply beautiful. 

I gave him the ring and told him to hold onto it so that he'd have it available for the perfect moment. 


After dinner, Karl and I went to his house. I was sitting on the couch (the same couch I'm sitting on right now...just with more wear and tear), and I noticed the box from my grandmother's ring sitting on the coffee table.

I must have said something about the box, wondering if it was really the ring, and if THIS WAS REALLY ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!!!

Karl said (as well as my mind remembers back six years), "I think it's time for you to have the ring back."

Nervous laughter from me. (My mind was on overdrive...was he breaking up with me? Was this an engagement??)

Something from his expression made me realize that this wasn't a break up, so I made him start from the beginning.

He opened the box.

He looked me in the eyes.

And, he said exactly what I imagined that my future husband would say.

"Kristin Marie, will you marry me?"

And, I said yes. 


  1. I love that he did it so close to Christmas. Sam and I were engaged at 17/18 in his grandparent's living room hours before he left for the Marine Corps boot camp. It wasn't the most romantic but I'll never forget it. :)

    1. Diana - thanks for sharing about your engagement. :-) Through your writings, you two demonstrate what's necessary to make a marriage work (especially through for better and for worse).

      With our engagement, I was pretty specific because we didn't want a long engagement, and I didn't want the proposal to happen on a major holiday. He had a small window within those guidelines. Poor guy! He's usually a procrastinator; the other day I was teasing him about his procrastination, and he said, "I don't procrastinate if something is really important to me." I replied, "Like our engagement." :-)