Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Random Musings: My Life Today

I have a beautiful life. Even when my posts pull in the direction of melancholy or uncertainty about my parenting abilities, I am blessed. Some days I forget to remember my blessings. Instead I see the piles of things I need to do, things I haven't done, tasks to complete, laundry to be folded, piles of wallpaper that need to be picked up...

Thank you to all of you who have read my blog and have encouraged me in my writing. Y'all are counted in my blessings.

When I started this blog (I still have that post to write...all of the reasons I started this little space for my mind's wanderings and life's happenings), I thought maybe long term I might be able to make a little money with my writing. It wasn't a primary goal because, I mean...how many blogs are out there? Based on these numbers (which are almost a year old), at the least 240 million blogs exist. I definitely won't be holding my breath on being profitable.


If I want to have a chance at maybe doing a give-away one day or being asked to write a review (oh. my. goodness. I would be ridiculously excited!), I need to write more. That's the advice that I keep coming across. Write often, write frequently, write as much as possible...

My March goal is to work on writing more. I know at least my mom will be happy :-).

For today, I will write a quick peek into my day. 

Side note: It's not that I think my life is exciting, and besides my mom (thanks, mom!) I doubt anyone is waiting in anticipation to read my latest blog post. One of the things I love? Reading about other people's (extra)ordinary lives. It's one of the reasons that I love This American Life. Since I love reading those posts, I thought I'd write about something I love to read.

Potty training continues. Today has been uneventful, which is a GREAT thing with potty training. The day isn't quite over, but...so far, so good. We finally did what everyone has been telling us to do: Stop. Using. Pull Ups. We'll still use them at night for now (nothing anti-Pull Up...and we actually use Pamper's Easy Ups because they feature Dora.) When we have some more (dry) days to report, I'll let you know what bribes techniques worked for us. To find out more about our potty training adventures, check out this post.

Wallpaper is being removed. From the laundry room ceiling and walls and light switch plates, oh my. Yes, ceilings. My arms and neck are getting a good workout. I've learned that if the wallpaper isn't really old it will peel off easily in long beautifully wide strips. **Sigh.** Thankfully the kitchen was much easier. If you need direction on removing wallpaper, I found this article to be really helpful.

Fattening foods are being cooked. Tonight featured beef and pork Keilbasa and scalloped potatoes (with butter). We will definitely report back after Mr. C's follow-up appointment on 3/11 (you can read about his 9 month appointment here). Hopefully our weight gain doesn't surpass his!

Other highlights have been spending time with Karl's parents while they're in town, enjoying a mini stay-cation (if you can call it that when a hotel isn't involved) to work on home improvements, and enjoying spending extra time with Karl and the kiddos.

Tonight after the kiddos are tucked in, Karl and I are planning to enjoy a nice bottle of wine while watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

It's nothing extraordinary. But I love my life.

What's going on in your world?


  1. Thank you for sharing! I keep reading stuff in your posts that reminds me of Alison Armstrong's teachings (LOVE her). Your first paragraph in this post (and, in fact, your whole blog title) is completely related to something that's a core characteristic of simply being a woman. :D I highly recommend listening from 2:00 - 7:20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl9TR89bVgg The one thing I didn't hear her mention here, specifically, is that the voice in a woman's head that's telling her what still needs to be done is telling her that the "perfect woman" would have it all done already. Love you!

    1. Sara - Thank you so much for reading and commenting! It warms my heart that my blog is helping me to stay connected/reconnect with my dear friends. Thank you for the link! Karl and I listened to that together, and it described my thought process exactly. It's why I look around the house and see the clutter whereas it doesn't even appear on Karl's radar. Very helpful for both of us! You're right about the "perfect woman;" unfortunately I imagine that the perfect woman exists instead of realizing no one is perfect. Love you so much...