Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Eat an Avocado (starring Mr. C)

Mr. C does. not. like baby food. Pureed? No, thank you. He shudders and then gags. Sometimes he finishes with spitting up. I quickly got the message. We moved onto soft foods that can be gummed (since he doesn't have any teeth yet). We introduced avocado today which was a big hit.

So far he's tried banana, puffs (Miss S and Mr. C both have enjoyed happy puffs - sweet potato flavor), prunes, and avocado [besides rice cereal (yick), pureed pears (yuck), and pureed prunes (blech)].

And, the pink bib? Yes, a hand-me-down from his big sister.

When did your little ones first sprout teeth? How about favorite first foods?

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