Thursday, January 9, 2014

Five Minutes in My Life

Where the Magic Happens
Mama: "Go potty and wash your hands."

Mama: "Go potty and wash your hands!" (with a little more emphasis)

Miss S: "It's too bright!"

The bathroom, that is. It's too bright for potty-ing and hand-washing. Who knew?

Five minutes later. Miss S is in the bathroom. No sound whatsoever. She might be on the potty, or she might be playing make-believe in there. 

Then she announces that she's done.

Mama: "Great job! Now wash your hands!"

She just called me in for a review...which showed nothing. Just a little water in her frog potty. From the previous rinse. She might have sat and tried, or not. Only she knows. But, we're making progress, right?

At least her hands got washed.

P.S. The liquid in the frog potty is water. Really.

P.P.S. I'm not getting paid to promote this froggy potty (but hey, maybe one day?), but we really like it. No frills. Simple. With a smile. 

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