Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It was a Good Day.

Tonight when getting Mr. C and Miss S ready for bed, I said to Karl, "You know what? Today was a good day. I kept thinking I needed to be stressed about something and then realized I didn't. I didn't need to stress about anything."

After Karl said prayers with Miss S, she said, "It was a good day." Definitively.

And again, when he left the room (I was breastfeeding Mr. C), she said, "It was a good day. Goodnight, Daddy."

Melts. my. heart.

While we all know that little ears hear everything that we say, it was wonderful to hear Miss S repeat those words. That I said.


I'm a perfectionist and a worrier...which has been exacerbated by postpartum hormones. Today was so remarkable because it wasn't really remarkable. It just was. And, it was good.

And, that is good.