Thursday, February 26, 2015

In Search of the Missing...(Fill in the Blank)

Since I'm off from work today, I had planned to take the kiddos to preschool, come home, and hop back into bed. While getting to bed early has never been my strong point, I've been up a little later than normal lately. The idea of snuggling up under the covers when it's freezing cold outside sounded so luxurious and heavenly. Especially on a weekday. I came home, made a few work calls, and then knew that I couldn't avoid it any longer.

When I got ready for bed on Tuesday night, I couldn't find my mouthguard in its normal spot. I wear a mouthguard because I grind my teeth like its my part time job. I've been a teeth grinder since I was little. Mr. C likes to go into our bathroom drawers and pull out things, sometimes taking them near the toilet with a mischievous look on his face. Luckily, we've intervened on most of his attempts at toilet misadventures. My mouthguard is one thing he has taken out of the drawer more than once. Have I moved it to a safer location to prevent any potential issues? Of course not. I just hadn't really thought through the what ifs (I realize it isn't really rocket science...but sometimes in the life of a mama the brain short-circuits...or at least in the brain of this mama!)

I went to bed on Tuesday hoping that we could ask our detective daughter and son in the morning, and one of them would lead us right to it. "We've" misplaced other things, and they both have led us to some missing thing on more than one occasion. We asked Miss S as soon as she woke up. She came running into the kitchen, (and per Karl's description), squatted down and surveyed the floor. She was pretty sure that she saw it somewhere on the floor but couldn't remember where.

With having moved twice in the last 6 months, we've been doing a lot of trying to find things. Even my computer went missing for awhile recently (a had been pushed to the back of a bookshelf and fallen behind the bookshelf into a nice dark spot.)

I had ordered some leggings, had seen them in the box when they arrived, and then we finally found them 2 months later under a recliner when we were looking for the computer. 

We still are hoping to find 2 Netflix movies that moved here with us from Arizona (that we still need to watch) and a disc with professional photos that I put into some special place in our home when unpacking.

I was hoping against hope that the mouthguard was in the trash or recycling and hadn't met its end in the toilet.

I pestered both kiddos last night after preschool asking them over and over if maybe they remembered putting it somewhere. But they wouldn't come clean.

As a nurse, I've dealt with a lot of blood, stool, urine, vomit, sputum...despite all of that, I really didn't want to dig through the trash. 

But I really wanted to find my mouthguard. 

On Wednesday morning when I woke up, my molars hurt from my nighttime routine. I needed to find it. I gave myself the, "I'm a nurse and trash is better than a lot of other things" pep talk, and I started with the bathroom trash full of diapers, with no success. 

I moved on to the kitchen trash. 

When I started to gag (really?! It's just trash!!) I took a break to go through the recycling in the garage. 


Back to the  kitchen trash, digging through coffee grounds (because we don't have our compost going since we moved into the house in November), and still no luck.


I thought I'd head to my computer to write a post, hopefully making the situation entertaining for someone's reading pleasure. 

And, this was waiting for me. Under my computer. Where it's probably been the whole time.

Just like Miss S had said.

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