Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cats, They are Kitty Cats

Sometimes I forget how good it is for me to purge my brain. That last post that I wrote? It was cathartic. (That's the perfect word and the fact that it starts with "cat" was unintentional...)

I'm now able to look at my relationship with my kitties in a different way.

I still don't like it when poop ends up on the futon, (I mean, really that's not unreasonable of me)

or when Sol bites my fingers (unintentionally...I am thrusting my fingers in his mouth) when I give him his medicine,

but I've been reminded that they have good great lives, even if they don't get loved on like they did 4 years ago.

They have a safe place to live and sleep; they have a scratching post; they now get canned food!! (kitty fist bump for that one); Jupiter has a high place to sit; they have a window sill to sit on looking for birds; and now they have brand new catnip mice. Which they are loving.

I forgot how much they love catnip.

Even better? Grandma and Grandpa are coming to town today and will be staying in the "cats' room" which means the boys will be getting lots of quality time and warm bodies to sleep near.

The night of my previous post I was thinking. way. too. much. and forgetting to focus only on this moment (not 4 years ago). My mindfulness class has improved my over-thinking, but old habits are hard to break. Since I had all of those thoughts swirling in my head, it was so good to type them out and set them free.

Not much has really changed with the cats. Except for my thinking. Which is huge.

Most importantly?

My cats are loved...

and have 3 new catnip mice to prove it.

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