Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hello, again! I've missed you...

I've been busy. Like, kitchen is still getting pieced together busy. We have a countertop. <<yay!!!>> We have base cabinets. <<yay!!!>> We are definitely making progress. It may be just a bit faster than a snail's pace, but we are moving forward. Because of all of our kitchen remodeling fun, my blogging has been deprioritized for the time being. (Not a word, but it should be.) I've been mostly ok with that because I haven't had time to think about not blogging.

Then I have times like today where I want to write everything important or not, big and little, birthdays and ordinary days. For now, I'm going to give y'all a sneak peak into my, "Things I Want to Blog About!" list.

Miss S...
3rd birthday - how is it possible that she's already been 3 for 3 weeks?
I'm loving that girl, as always. Sometimes I just look at her and am overwhelmed by how much I love her. Her sweetness. Her sassiness. Her Miss S-ness.
She's definitely entered a sassy stage. One of my favorite things though is hearing her say, "I'm sorry for being sassy, Mama." It's just too.darned.cute. hearing her say that.

Potty training - because we are getting there, folks! I'd say we're edging on 95% potty trained (except during times of sleep aka naps & night).

Naps - yes! yes! yes! Miss S has been napping again! Major hallelujah! (and some kudos to my mama who helped to get Miss S back on that bandwagon).

3 year old classroom at school - let's just say, she's loving it.

Mr. C...
Teething - the little man has two teeth! They aren't fully in yet, and Santa was just a few months late, but he's getting his chompers.

Standing - he's pulling himself up and crawling at times. Otherwise he's doing the Mr. C crawl where his arms do the majority of the work with a little help from his right leg.

Sleeping.Through.The. Night!!!! - for at least 3 nights in a row. I'll take it.

Kitchen remodeling...
It's all IKEA all the time. Once it's finished, I'm hoping to write a little series of blogs about the project.

Past fun...
Spices - I have a few new loves including Cardamom and Turmeric. I can't wait to write about an awesome recipe for quinoa that I'm loving.

Leanne - One of my dear friends came to town to visit her cousins. I happened to have the entire time off that she was in town. I had meant to request one day off for a bridal shower and asked off for 3. Devine intervention. I didn't even know she was going to be visiting. Her visit? It was soul-balm.

Mindfulness class - It was incredible. Life-changing. I loved it. Now I'm working on maintaining the mindfulness when I don't have the class to keep me accountable.

Upcoming fun...
Tomorrow we are visiting a fire station.

Saturday the kiddos and I are going to an egg hunt and afterwards are dying Easter eggs at my sister's house.

Saturday night Karl and I are going to a wedding and taking our third date as parents (and first with a paid babysitter.) (I know. We need to work on that.) Can I say that I'm just a bit excited??

Sunday is Easter! Karl is off! and it's a Sunday! It's amazing. We'll actually get to attend church as a family. Then we'll work on the kitchen followed by Easter dinner at my sister's.

May 3rd - Miss S, Mr. C, my mom, and I are walking in support of finding a cure for arthritis. A coworker's daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis a few years ago (she's only 4 now...), making this issue close to home. Please think about donating (every dollar helps!!) Here's the direct link to my fundraising page:

Mr. C's 1st birthday. How is that even possible?? It's just over two weeks away. Wow.

Because it takes me a good chunk of time to add pictures, this post will only have this picture. Because it tells a story. Like...I came home from work (where I'm a registered nurse. For 3 1/2 years now). I look at Miss S who is sitting on the couch, and I said, "What's wrong with her eye?!" I brought Karl over and made him look at her from various angles. His response (at every angle) was indifferent at best. Yes. My family can be a bit dramatic. This time though? I'll let you be the judge...

Thank you so much to every one of you who has told me that you read my blog and that you're enjoying it. I can't tell you how much that warms my heart. I tell myself I'm blogging just for me, but let's be honest...I love the fact that people are reading my blog. I guess, why else would I blog? If I didn't want anyone else to read it, I'd just be keeping a journal on my bedside table.

I really did miss this little space. It's nice to be back.

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