Sunday, March 30, 2014

Speed Blogging: Emerging from the Fumes

Just a short update. On our kitchen remodel.

I'm planning to write a more thorough description once it's complete.

I'm timing this update because I'm exhausted and Plus I thought it would be fun to speed blog.

My list of new things that I've learned over the last few days?

Cottage White (Behr) Splatterings
Texture can come in a can, and the process of adding texture to a wall is texturing not texturizing. Our wall texture is "orange peel." The smell of the texture in a can? Potent.

Mastic is a fancy word for tile adhesive (which is better applied directly to drywall; if you paint the drywall first, you have to rough up the paint with sandpaper.)

GFCI plugs are code for a kitchen (ground fault circuit interrupter).

Home Depot sells a dual USB/wall outlet.

I'm thankful to be remodeling our kitchen in the internet era. I can't imagine how people were able to move forward with a remodel without having each and every question answered within a few minutes (give or take).

I'm also even more thankful that my dad did not hit his head today when his feet got caught up in the plastic drop cloth. He cut his thumb (and required 4 stitches), but stitches on a thumb beat a head injury any day.

13 minutes later, I'm signing off for the night. Cabinet assembly starts tomorrow!

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  1. I do love the paint color on the wall and even on your arm and elsewhere.