Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mr. C's Weigh In - 10 Months

9 Month Appointment (Growth Curve App)
Today was Mr. C's follow up appointment

The pediatrician loved the chunk on Mr. C's thighs. 

While he still isn't winning any heavy-weight competitions

(drumroll, please)

Mr. C is up to 17 lbs 9 oz for a total weight gain of 1 lb 2 oz ... 8.4%.

**Deep exhalation**

His height and head circumference will be measured at his one year appointment. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I'm such a teacher's pet and wanted kudos for all of his growing over the last month. Although it wasn't officially measured at the pediatrician's office, I've been doing some measuring here (surprising, I'm sure). He's about 28 inches for length with a head circumference of 45.5 cm. 

I'm more than happy with those numbers, and his brain head is still leading at 44%.

10 Month Weigh In :-)
Thank you to everyone who has asked about Mr. C over this last month. Karl and I realized that Mr. C probably wasn't getting enough nutrition on the days when I was working. He prefers breast milk direct from the source instead of from the bottle. Since he's a happy guy and doesn't get fussy (even when his caloric intake is low), we had no idea. 

His favorite foods? 

Trader Joe's Freeze Dried Mango
Trader Joe's Wheat-Free Waffles with Earth Balance
Snapea Crisps
Mozzarella Cheese
Veggie Stix

He's not into meat as of yet. (The latent vegetarian in me is all right with that).

If he doesn't like the food or is finished? He starts smacking the tray or swiping food onto the floor.

Our dog Mars quickly remembered how great it is when a little person occupies the high chair.

Besides eating massive amounts of carbs and fats, Mr. C started clapping and pulling himself up to standing over the last few days. He is mighty proud of himself. 

Love this Little Man! Standing Proud
We're expecting his bottom teeth to make their grand appearance any day now.
This Lenten season I'm participating in giving daily gratitude (inspired by Momastery). 

Today's gratitude?

Medical care, access to high calorie foods, prayers, and (last but definitely not least) chunky thighs.

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