Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Madness

Kitchen in Progress: Saying Good Riddance to that Wallpaper
When I decided to blog more this month, I forgot about everything on our March to-do list/events calendar:

Finalize the paperwork for our new home equity line of credit
Say goodbye to Karl's parents as they head back to Indiana after a wonderful visit
Finalize our IKEA kitchen plans & place our kitchen order
Relocate all of the items in our kitchen cabinets
Demo our kitchen
Demo our master bath sink/vanity area
Install new kitchen cabinets
Install new master bath vanity
Attend staff meetings at respective workplaces
Take Mr. C to his 10 month weigh in
Take all the animals to vet appointments*
Say hello to my parents as they drive in town for Miss S's birthday
Celebrate Miss S's 3rd birthday
Go to Thursday evening classes

*The vet appointments weren't planned, but I knew that at least one of my almost 14 year old kitties was getting too thin. For anyone who knows Sol, you'll know that's a red flag (at his heaviest, he was just shy of 19 lbs). I did a little research and was thinking it might be hyperthyroidism (not uncommon in geriatric cats), but then had myself worried that it might be something else. While it's never good to hear that any family member (including cats and dogs) have an illness, I was relieved to find out that my kitties have "treatable" health problems. Sol (my tuxedo kitty) has hyperthyroidism (which involves 2 pills a day), and Jupiter (my tabby) has kidney disease (which involves prescription canned food).  

Somewhere in the mix we're sleeping, eating, and doing laundry (or at least enough to get by from one week to the next). 

It's a great busy to have (we've been wanting to redo our kitchen and master bath for awhile, and it's awesome that we happened to get an offer & approved for a home equity line of credit in the mix).
My First Baby: Sol

It just doesn't give me much extra time for blogging. O_o The best laid plans of mice and (wo)men...

I'm planning to share all about our remodeling adventures...but that might have to wait for another month. I have at least 3 more posts that I'm wanting to write, so I still might have a record number of blog posts this month...

How are you celebrating March Madness?

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