Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The 30 year-old cold water supply line to our kitchen sink broke today. Thankfully, my parents are visiting, otherwise we would have had another house flood. Karl is fixing the pipeage right now.

That inspired the start to prayers tonight for Miss S. LOVED her prayers tonight. My gosh, that girl. I just love her so much. I promise to write soon about her 3rd birthday celebration.

Besides the prayers, my other favorite Miss S-isms right now are:
Minnie Mouse muffin (she came up with that all on her own)
Jingle Bell (Tinker Bell)
Jofes (Joseph)
Yogrut (yogurt)
Brushteeth (toothbrush)

She has worn underpants for the last two days (at preschool AND including traveling to and from preschool) and hasn't had any accidents!

She's started using pronouns and pointed to a picture today stating, "That's me!" 

She's also started using "very" in front of words. "I'm very hungring."

Yesterday I couldn't wait to get home to squeeze on Miss S and Mr. C. Do you have those days where you feel ridiculous excitement about seeing your family at the end of the day?

Since Miss S is transitioning up to the 3 year old classroom at preschool, she's not napping...which led to a major emotional meltdown (major, folks) at bedtime last night. I had to keep turning away because I was in a giggling mood and kept giggling at her antics. She didn't notice...whew.

I thought tonight was heading down the same tearful, angst-filled path, but distraction and redirection were my saving grace.

And, then I was treated to some awesome prayers...

"God, thank you for today. Thank you for my family. Thank you for daddy fixing the water. Thank you for Mommy using the potty. Thank you for Miss S using the potty. Thank you for Mommy pooping in the potty. Thank you for Miss S pooping in the potty. Thank you for Miss Amelia. Thank you for Mr. Joel. (Both are teachers of hers). Thank you for Miss S using the potty in Mr. Joel's room. Amen."

I mean, priceless.
What are your favorite kiddo-isms? 
Goodnight, y'all. Sweet dreams.  

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  1. I just love being here in between the piles. By the way, there is a slight diminishing of the piles of laundry.