Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Backgrounds and Blog Names

Thank you to anyone who has so far read my blog. You are privileged to watch the evolution of a blog from its conception. Thanks for joining me for the ride!

Those of you familiar with blogger can spot that my design, er, isn’t yet my design. I’m working on that. Despite what blogger tells me, I can’t seem to get my own photo to look how it should on my background. It’s a work in progress.

And my blog’s name. Still indecisive about that, too. 

Maybe I should have had a firm idea before my first…and now second posts, but I was so excited that a blog name was available that I created, I jumped, and went with it.

But I’m afraid it doesn’t capture what I really want for my blog. 

Besides both being good pilers, my husband and I also love road trips (with an infant and a two year old? Sure! Why not! From Arizona to Minnesota? Of course! Let’s add a dog to the mix, too!) Yes, that’s our idea of fun. Of course there are so many directions I could go with my blog’s name, but many of them already exist or look strange with each wordrunningintothenext. For now, it will stay. But I can’t promise it will be around indefinitely.

Before I type any further, I want you to know that this post is powered by a delicious cup of Ethiopia Harrar coffee roasted by Press Coffee Roasters. It’s phenomenal! My husband mentioned the “aroma of blueberries,” and I was amazed about how each sip finished with the taste of blueberries.

And, a quick confession, which is probably obvious to most of you…my husband and I (more the former) could potentially be labeled as coffee snobs. Karl worked for a coffee company for over 10 years, starting as a barista, and worked his way up to manager. He’s earned his snobbery. ;-) When you next visit Phoenix, check out Press Coffee or visit their website from wherever you are at this very moment.

This post also supported by nap time. Two kiddos. Same nap time. Golden.

The blog has already been successful. One of my ulterior motives for its creation was to somehow help me to be a better housekeeper. I know that it may seem like an oxymoron, but I’m a goal oriented gal...meaning that I’m better at accomplishing things if I have a reward waiting for me. I’m a perfectionist by nature, but I need that carrot dangling in front of me (or that blank computer screen calling my name). My thinking was if I tell myself I have to tackle piles before sitting down for “me time” aka blogging aka public journaling – yikes! – I will be better able to get the piles organized.

And it worked.  

In this case, it was cleaning the kitchen. I’m here to report that it. is. clean.  

I worked efficiently because I wanted to get back to the keyboard. I’m having a lot of fun just thinking about this blog. That’s a great feeling.

Hopefully someone out there can relate. I **wish** I was one of those people who enjoyed cleaning and having an organized house. I do, to a certain extent, but I often become too invested in the details. I start to clean the kitchen and then notice that I really should detail the stove. While I’m at it, I should organize the junk drawer. All good tasks, but that’s when I get overwhelmed. And move on to something else. Perhaps Instagram.

While my mind is overflowing with things I’d like to write (introducing myself more, the new toddler bed for Miss S, the crib for Mr. C, and on, and on), those ideas will need to wait for another day.

A little enticement, hopefully, to keep you reading.

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